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Lindsay Taylor, SPAtique

Lindsay Taylor, SPAtique

Good Morning BNI Comprehensive Practical Advice.

I met Steve almost a year ago and have been using his services ever since both personally and for my business.

Steve was one of the first people that I spoke with regarding my new business and I did so because I felt so comfortable approaching him and asking his opinion.

He guided Alison and I in the right direction so that we could do things the smart way.
After getting the business set up the way that he thought would be most beneficial to us,
he then told us OK, now you don’t worry about anything else besides running a successful business.
That him and his team would take care of paying the bills and payroll. At first I thought that this was not a necessary action,1 mean how hard could it be to pay our credit card bill but after getting further into the process I soon realized that this was the best piece of comprehensive practical advice that anyone could give me.

Why am I spending valuable time worrying about bills being paid when that is a part of his payroll service.

What he said he meant. We met with his team on numerous occasions to iron everything out, and he and one of his employees even came out to the spa to go over our software, bank accounts,passwords, credit cards and all of the facets that they would be a part of.

—They truly made the transition so easy and took a load of stress off of us that I had no-idea could occur. They are approachable, responsible, knowledgeable and all around genuinely nice people. Trusting Steve has been key to our business success and myself and Alison feel so lucky that we have them to be able to go to.
So when Steve talks about his Comprehensive- literally meaning all elements and aspects Practical- Remember I am an esthetician not a mathematician Advice- his true and complete knowledge of accounting He couldn’t be more spot on and I feel so lucky that he is a part of our team.

Lindsay Taylor, SPAtique

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